Mentorship Program

Join our Periodontist Guided Mentorship Program 

Our new mentorship program will:

1.)     Pair established periodontists with a resident or new periodontist (graduated within the last 5 years).  The mentee must be a member of the NESP and could also be a PG member.

2.)     Mentee’s will need to list what they would like to get out of this program during the enlistment phase and what background qualities they would like their mentors to have.   Some examples: Knowledge in certain aspects of periodontics such as Lasers, Perio plastic procedures, practice management, board certification preparation and even practice for sale.

3.)     Mentor requirements will be to invite the mentee to their office for a few hours to shadow them and have an informal discussion on topics the mentee is interested in.

4.)     Mentors could also sponsor the mentee for lunch at one of our NESP meetings and spend some time at the meeting with the mentee. If they are a PG student then the mentor should pay for them. If they are already a dues paying member than the mentor can sit with them at the same table for lunch.

5.)     Mentors and mentees could continue the relationship or sign up for another match for the next NESP meeting.